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Asian Sex - Motel Room Quickie With Tokyo Teen

This hot little Tokyo teen has a very tight schedule and not a lot of time from when classes let out, til she is expected at home. So when she does get away to get some dick it is usually a hurried fuck. Well she intended a motel room quickie but what really happened turned [...]

Asian Sex - Tokyo Teen’s Pearl Necklace

This horny little Tokyo teen worked hard for her prized pearl necklace. She has a suction on her that won’t quit and that tiny wet slit is bound to drive any guy to the edge. However, give these guys marks for self control because they nearly wore her out before spewing her with spunk.
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Tokyo Porn Screen Test

May 20th, 2010
Asian Sex - Tokyo Porn Screen Test

Teens line up around the block to get a chance at becoming a porn model and this lucky Tokyo teen has passed the interview phase but now, she’s in for the real test. Off with the clothes and down on her knees, the directors want to know if she can fuck. Yes, she sure can [...]

Fuck Break For Tokyo Teen

May 14th, 2010
Asian Sex - Fuck Break For Tokyo Teen

This pretty Tokyo teen really required a lot of relaxing to get her to open up those pretty lean thighs. At first she was too shy to even look up, and later, well she was busy with a hard dick in her mouth. In fact this fuck lasted so long that she had to have [...]

Wide Eyed Tokyo Hardcore

May 10th, 2010
Asian Sex - Wide Eyed Tokyo Hardcore

This pretty Tokyo teen is down for almost anything from dressing up as a cheerleader to playing horny nurse. Right now though she’s concentrating on some stick dick in her mouth and wondering just what he will do next. Those big brown eyes might fool you but this horny teenie knows what comes next.
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Asian Sex - Petite Tokyo Teen Licking

This petite Tokyo teen can barely get her little mouth open wide enough to fit that cock inside, but she is working on it just the same and boy will there be a big reward for her if she does a good job. Watch the movies to see just how well this horny Japanese teen [...]

Asian Kink Fuck

April 11th, 2010
Asian Sex - Asian Kink Fuck

This naughty Asian girl was late for her job. There is no help for it she must be disciplined but what these Asian bosses call discipline we might call fun and this naughty schoolgirl doesn’t seem to be minding being disciplined with a big cock and a fuck on the cafeteria tables.
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Asian Sex - Masturbating Asian Schoolgirl

It’s her first time with a vibrator but this nasty girl is more than willing to learn in fact she’s taking to masturbation like a duck to water, now it is time to bring on the cocks. Experiementation with toys seems to come naturally to these Asian teens.
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Ultimate Japanese Orgasm

April 6th, 2010
Asian Sex - Ultimate Japanese Orgasm

It’s hard to tell with these inexperienced Asian teens if that is pleasure or pain they squeal and moan so much. However this horny babe is obviously having the fuck of her life and a massive orgasm. How do they do it? Well watch the movie and see.
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Bubble Butt Teen

April 4th, 2010
Asian Sex - Bubble Butt Teen

Check out the bubble butt on this cute Thai Teen. Her name is Lek and she is exclusive to Creampie Thais. Check out the gallery below for more!

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